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Healthy FUNdamentals

Health & Safety

At Chesterfield Academy, we make health and safety a top priority.  This is why we have a full time Health Administrator on staff each day.  Our Health Admin serves in a pivotal role to provide oversight and expertise for the provision of school health services and promotion of health and safety education.  Some of the ways Ms. Winter supports our school and our children are by:

  • Using clinical knowledge and judgment to provide healthcare to students and staff

  • Administering any necessary medications

  • Developing and implementing Allergy Actions Plans

  • Contacting parents in case of illness or injury

  • Managing and ensuring compliance with procedures, protocols, and Emergency Disaster Preparedness

  • Teaching our Healthy FUNdamentals Program to all of our children ages 2 and up

Healthy FUNdamentals

Preschool Health & Safety

Here at Chesterfield Academy the health and safety of the children at our preschool is our top priority.  Our Health Admin created a program to promote healthy living, and implements it in each of the classrooms, beginning in the toddler classroom, twice a  month.

 This health and safety curriculum is designed to educate children in a variety of topics such as Hand washing, Dental Health, Stress Reducing Techniques, Fire Safety, Summer Safety and Healthy Foods. 

Using her knowledge of the medical field, and knowing the areas of importance in a preschool environment, our Health Admin thoughtfully plans lessons that will be impactful and age appropriate for each classroom within our school. 

She brings books and props into the classroom and engages the children in activities to enhance their learning.  They sing songs, such as “Tops and Bottoms”, that help them remember the steps in hand washing, and learn the difference between a sometimes food and an always food. This program also involves community resources such as the Fire Department, the Jewish Family and Children’s Services, and eye screenings from KidSight.

After each Healthy FUNdamentals session a note will be uploaded to your Brightwheel app to tell you about the lesson, and to share with you the principals focused on during that class.

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