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Our Curriculum

Chesterfield Academy's unique H.O.P.E Learning Program

Our unique Hands-On Progressive Education Learning Program (H.O.P.E.) is based on the knowledge that preschool children learn best through hands-on activities.  It is rooted in a belief that we should teach children how to think for themselves through the process of discovery.  Our teachers are facilitators of learning who encourage children to use a wide variety of activities to learn.  They encourage children to learn by discovery and create a flexible curriculum that is influenced by the interests of the children. Preschool education activities are what teachers use to enhance the growth of language, logic, pre-reading and counting skills of young children. These activities easily develop into active learning experiences for preschool children and enrich early childhood curriculum.

Weekly themes are provided to create an interest in the children throughout the year.  Lessons include age-appropriate activities related to the theme for that week.  These activities include hands-on science and cooking projects, arts and crafts, language development, mathematics activities, songs, games, and daily gross motor skills.  Most importantly, the children will gain a sense of self-worth and a love for learning along with the tools for age-appropriate social skills while interacting with other kids.  Children at Chesterfield Academy are happily geared for the future!


Social & Emotional Developmental Goals

  • Achieving a sense of self

  • Taking responsibility for self and others

  • Behaving in a pro social way



Developmental Goals

  • Learning and problem solving

  • Thinking logically

  • Representing and thinking symbolically


Physical Growth Developmental Goals

  • Achieving gross motor control

  • Achieving fine motor control



Developmental Goals

  • Listening and speaking

  • Reading and writing

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