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"Chesterfield Academy is hands-down the absolute best daycare I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. As a teacher myself, I’ve always thought it was important to preview daycares without a scheduled appointment, and just pop in unannounced to visit - You’d be surprised how much you can learn about a place by doing this! Chesterfield Academy is ALWAYS putting the kids first, no matter what. Each child’s best interest, their safety and all of their needs are first and foremost.

We have a toddler and an infant both enrolled full-time. For me, going back to work after having a baby, and placing my newborn in the hands of someone else was extremely difficult and emotional, to say the least. The staff at Chesterfield Academy made this transition so much easier for me – Sending several pictures to me during the day, truly listening to anything I needed to tell them about our kids at drop-off, and so many other countless things that I can’t even begin to try to list. The Brightwheel app that they use makes us feel so connected to our child’s day because we can easily access what they are doing, see pictures, videos, the lesson plans for each day, meals, potty breaks, etc. We love it!

The infant teacher was a major deciding factor when it came down to selecting a daycare. She is truly an angel that devotes her whole life, all of her energy and everything she can towards the babies in her room. She is constantly cuddling a baby, while also staying very organized and meeting every single baby’s needs, which to me, seems like the most difficult job ever, but she ALWAYS has a smile and is clearly passionate about her job. As our first infant moved on to the next classrooms, we were just as pleased with each teacher that we encountered.

Chesterfield Academy feels like home to us. The staff feels like family. This daycare has an immediate warm vibe when you enter, every classroom has engaging lesson plans for each day, and you just feel the love in the building as you walk around. The directors are exceptional, communicate extremely well and take really good care of not only the children, but also the teachers that they employ, which comes full circle as their teachers take impeccable care of each child."

- Matheis Family

"From the moment we first walked into Chesterfield Academy, we have felt like we were part of a family! As hard as it was to leave my baby the first day, the joyful welcome he received from the infant teacher was enough to know that he was in wonderful hands. And each time he moved up to another class, he got the same loving attention and care. I love that Thomas is always excited to go to his school and learn. He knows that he is loved and secure there, and whether it is the cook preparing their lunches, or the Health Admin handing out band-aids when he needs one, I know that he trusts everyone there to take good care of him! Chesterfield Academy has also done a wonderful job of preparing him for kindergarten and beyond. At every conference I am impressed by how carefully they are watching his progress and putting new building blocks in place for him to learn and grow. I am constantly amazed by the ways the teachers challenge him and encourage him to keep growing. Chesterfield Academy has been, and continues to be, such a gift to our family!"

- Pettersen Family

"Five years ago, we moved to St. Louis.   My husband and I were excited to start the next chapter in our lives, but at the same time nervous.   Sure, we had relocated before, but this time was different.  This time had a 4 ½ year old daughter & 18-month-old son with gross motor delays.  Choosing the right daycare was at the top of our list. 

You could say I was a bit obsessive when looking for a daycare.  You wouldn’t be wrong.  I toured.  I interviewed the teachers.  I did unannounced pop-in visits.  I probably drove the staff crazy but, in the end, it was all worth it.  The clear choice was Chesterfield Academy.

Every interaction with the Chesterfield Academy team from that first day to now has been a blessing.  They helped my son learn to walk & when we found out we were expecting a third, they were as excited as we were.  When my older kids started school, they were prepared both socially & academically.  The school is impeccably clean, and I love the daily updates complete with videos & photos by using their school app.

The staff at Chesterfield Academy has been like an extended family to us.  It is so much more than a school & I’m so grateful that they have been a part of our children’s lives."


- Granadino Family

"We have had the privilege of sending our three children to Chesterfield Academy and we adore this school.  Our youngest daughter is currently enrolled in the toddler program and it makes us so happy that she has had some of the same teachers as our other two children had.  When we were looking for childcare this was the only place that we felt comfortable sending our children.  Chesterfield Academy is not a daycare but a loving and nurturing community where the parents and children are treated like family.  When our oldest daughter graduated from the Pre-K program, she was more than prepared for Kindergarten.  We used the reading enrichment program that they offer, and we believe this helped lay the ground work for our daughter becoming such a successful reader.  We LOVE the Brightwheel app that they use as it gives us updates throughout the day.  It gives us comfort that we can check in and see what our daughter is doing whether it is eating, playing, or sleeping.  The teachers do an amazing job of taking pictures and videos daily!  We have experienced this school from the infant room all the way to Pre-K and have really enjoyed all the teachers and experiences along the way. "


- Jess and Jason

"Chesterfield Academy is such a wonderful place and means so much to our family.  The school/teachers have been a huge part of our lives for several years and played an instrumental role in the development of our children.  We’ve had two children go through all class levels at the school, and our youngest has now progressed to the 2 year old room.  Our experience with every teacher at every class level has been extremely positive.  When my daughter graduated to kindergarten and moved on to a different school in the area, she was well prepared and considered very advanced for her age by her new teachers (which we attribute in large part to her time at Chesterfield Academy). 


In addition to academics, children are taught other vital skills from the school such as the use of good manners (starting with “please and thank you” before they are 2 years old), cleaning up after themselves, folding clothes and blankets, etc.  Skills that may be taken for granted but are so important.  Many of the AMAZING teachers that have been there since our first day (in 2013) are still with Chesterfield Academy which is a testament to its leadership, style and the tremendous environment at the school. 


The Directors have set the tone with everyone that walks into this building that this is a loving, clean and safe place for our children to learn and grow.  I feel like all of the teachers in the school know my entire family and treat us as part of their family.  If any of our kids are having a difficult morning, they know exactly when to step-in to provide some extra love and attention which leads to our children coming home happy on a daily basis.  


In addition, the Brightwheel app is amazing and keeps me up to date on their schedule and activities/meals throughout the day (we love the pictures!).  The special touches over the Holiday season are so nice as well (children’s concert, thanksgiving lunch, etc.) and the graduation ceremony is very special. 


The peace of mind we experience when dropping our kids off at Chesterfield Academy, knowing they are in great hands, is so meaningful as a parent.  I could go on and on about this wonderful school and how much it means to my family – Thank you Chesterfield Academy!"

- The Donovan Family

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