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Infant Daycare

Program Overview

Our infant daycare program ensures that babies receive the personal one-on-one attention they need to develop trust for the world around them. Infants are held, cuddled, talked to and sang to throughout the day. We work closely with parents to develop each infant’s daily schedule.


At Chesterfield Academy we understand the importance of flexibility with infants and our teachers understand and appreciate this fact.

Age Group

6 Weeks - 12 Months

Class Size

Maximum 8 Infants

Teacher Ratio

1 Teacher : 4 Children

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One-on-One Care

Our nurturing environment provides tons of one-on-one attention for each child in this program. We work with each family to maintain a consistent, individual schedule for every baby. Our teachers provide an environment that is safe, secure and loving and allows us to respond to each child’s unique needs and desires. We have adopted a “lights-on policy” to maintain a safe and secure environment for your child and to give each child the ability to safely explore their environment even when others are sleeping.

Developmental Growth

Learning and reaching developmental milestones are incorporated into the curriculum every day. From introducing Baby Sign Language to learning to eat solids, each day our teachers incorporate different milestones into the curriculum to make learning fun!

Baby Sign Language

Infants’ understanding of language and their motor skills develop much faster than their ability to speak. And babies love to mimic! Most discover how to wave and point long before they can say "bye bye" or "look at that!"

Some benefits of your baby learning how to sign is less frustration (getting their needs met), creating a closer bond between parents and baby, and helping language develop (enhancing, not replacing language). Our teachers will also teach you how to sign with your baby and give you some information to take home with signs your baby is learning.

Shoeless Environment

Since our babies are crawling, playing and exploring on our floors, it is important  to keep those areas clean and free from dirt and germs.  To dramatically cut down on the amount of germs and other objects carried in by our shoes, we have a 'shoeless environment' in our Infant Programs for our teachers and all other visitors in the classroom.

Parent Communication

Our “Open-Door Policy” encourages parents to visit their child throughout the day and allow for ongoing communication through our Brightwheel app. Daily, real-time updates keep you informed about your child’s day and their achievement of developmental milestones while here at Chesterfield Academy.


Pictures and videos are taken by our caregivers are sent via Brightwheel app for you to enjoy while at work. These photos are also used for portfolios and in the classroom to create an environment that is familiar to the children. Twice a year Parent Teacher Conferences are held to discuss the developmental checklist, go through your child’s developmental portfolio, and be available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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