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Program Overview

Our Two’s room allows children more opportunity for growth and development though the use of activity centers and structured playtime. Circle time and teacher-directed activities also become a larger part of the daily schedule. Greater independence emerges at this age and children are given opportunities to explore and learn with less interference. Another big milestone of this year is potty training! Our staff is well trained in this area and work closely with parents to help their child reach this important goal.

Age Group

2 Years Old

Class Size

Maximum 16 Children

Teacher Ratio

1 Teacher : 8 Children


Fostering Independence

Throughout each stage of the learning process Chesterfield Academy teachers promote your child’s sense of worth and independence. In this stage of development you will begin to see your child move from babyhood to reaching out to find his/her independence and individualism. Understanding this stage of development is the key to creating a Two’s world that works!

Early Education

Our Two’s teachers are educated and trained to create an environment that will prepare your child for the next stage of preschool. Our Two’s program allows your child the opportunity of choice as well as self-directed play. Your child will learn in small group centers and whole group Circle Time. During Circle Time the children will talk about colors, shapes, letters and read books associated with the theme for the week. The children will be introduced to the calendar and learn about the days of the week. Our theme based curriculum includes literacy, math, science, language, music and art. Your child’s day is promised to be filled with projects that will promote learning through fun and creativity

Potty Training

One exciting thing that often starts in our two-year-old room is potty training! As each individual child begins to show signs of readiness they will be introduced to the potty and start the journey. Together with the parents our teachers will create a plan and determine the best strategy for success for that child. We recognize that potty training is not only a mental ability, but also a physical ability and we are committed to making sure a child is ready for the process before we begin.

Parent Communication

Our “Open-Door Policy” encourages parents to visit their child throughout the day and allow for ongoing communication through our Brightwheel app. Daily, real-time updates keep you informed about your child’s day and their achievement of developmental milestones while here at Chesterfield Academy.


Pictures and videos are taken by our caregivers are sent via Brightwheel app for you to enjoy while at work. These photos are also used for portfolios and in the classroom to create an environment that is familiar to the children. Twice a year Parent Teacher Conferences are held to discuss the developmental checklist, go through your child’s developmental portfolio, and be available to address any questions or concerns you may have.

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